Top 3 Places To Go Thrift Shopping In Lagos


Ever wondered where your Lagos fashionistas buy their thrift items from, want to look great on less, or just want to experience thrift shopping for the fun of it, then this post for you!

I read a post where someone dropped a comment asking “where do these fashionistas /fashion bloggers thrift? all we see is thrifted but no location”. Well if you are one of those that have ever wondered about the exact places these ladies buy their “thrifted outfits” from well, here are the following places….


Also known as Tejuosho market and located in the centre of Yaba, this has got to be the thrift hub of lagos if not nigeria as people from other parts of the country come here to shop too. To get the most out of the thrift shopping experience there are days to go, so as to get the good stuffs and have unlimited options.

Such days includes :

Mondays – Morning / Evening

Wednesdays – morning /evening

Fridays – morning /evening

You are sure to get things from morning through to evening as new bales are opened these days and the market is buzzing with activities but if you can, I’ll advise you go in the morning.


​This weekly tuesday market is located at isolo. Traders from different parts of lagos come here to sell their items so be sure to get everything thrift here (When i say everything, i really mean everything!).


Tuesday – Morning /Evening

Items here aren’t expensive at all, just make sure you walk around, visit different stalls and bargain well, also don’t forget like Yaba it has grades too. A first grade seller might sell things more expensive here but of better quality, that’s not to say you won’t get quality things for less price. Just keep your eyes open and keep your bargain game tight.


By others i mean markets or places where you can definitely buy thrift clothing from but not as popular as Yaba and Aswani and prices here might be a bit higher and sometimes it’s not- It depends. I haven’t thrifted here before, I just know they exist through my sources. Examples of such markets are:


I definitely see lots of thrift sellers here when ever i go buy foodstuffs. So if you happen to be around here, you can check them out.


These market literally buzz at evenings, as people returning from work shop at this time. The crowd and stalls are hard to miss.


Thrift vendors here are located at the under bridge bus stop. If you have ever been to trade fair you might notice their stalls right there at the bus stop before going into trade fair properly.

My sources tell me these market are quite big like Yaba and bales are opened here too.

This would be those who sell on the street around neighborhoods. They usually have good stuffs but it’s quite pricey.

I find that there are some online stores in Nigeria that sell thrifted items, but I definitely find the prices ridiculous and doubt I’ll buy from them. If you can’t go to the market, you can buy from these store as they already make the job easier for you.

The proximity of your residence to these market is something to really consider so as to know what time to set out! But to get the most out of thrift shopping, i’d suggest you shop at Aswani or Yaba, but especially at Yaba. Here your options are not limited and prices are good.

Don’t forget the tips for thrift shopping i shared here on the blog, it will really help you in this thrift venture. Make sure your bargaining skill is top-notch as you could purchase 5-10 items with just 5,000 and another person can purchase a bag full of items with same 5,000 (Ghana-must go bags oo) or a person might buy a Palazzo pants for #300 while you purchase same pants for #800, so buy smart.

Do you thrift shop, if yes, where? If No, why? would you like to try this out? What do you like/dislike about thrift shopping?
Please leave your comments if you found this helpful and enjoyed reading it, I would like to hear your thoughts.

Quote of the day : “I believe that thrift is essential to well- ordered living.”
-John D. Rockefeller

Source: The Black Beauty

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