10 Essentials Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

As a classy and trendy woman, there are certain types of clothing that shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe. This is a list of 10 things that should be found in every woman’s wardrobe.

1. A white shirt

The white shirt goes with everything. You can put it with a jacket to go to work, a funky skirt to go out at night, boyfriend jeans for a more casual outfit … what ever colour of skirt or pants you decide to wear, a white shirt is almost just a perfect complement.

2. A pair of jeans (dark)

A wardrobe without a pair of jeans is not a real wardrobe – LOL. A pair of dark jeans (or not necessarily) is probably the best investment you can make in the long run. Jeans last a long time and go out of style very hard. It’s so easy to complete an outfit with jeans! The jeans can be worn in a chic or casual way and that, we like that.

3. A little black dress

Every woman should have at least a little black dress. It’s a basic, a real thing! The little black dress is mat and you can easily turn it into a super chic outfit. It helps and it’s super convenient.

4. A suit jacket

No need to be a businesswoman to have a jacket in her wardrobe. The jacket is superimposed and you can wear it as much with jeans as a dress, or classic pants and even shorts! A basic piece that goes with everything. In addition, you may need one day if you have to interview.

5. A leather jacket

The leather jacket adds a little edgy side to any outfit and can be used in place of a sweatshirt when the weather is cold.

6. A T-shirt

A T-shirt is a must! And to have several is even better! The T-shirt should be simple and comfortable to wear. The T-shirt will always come through for you when you do not know what to wear! With jeans, pants, under a jacket, with a skirt … the possibilities are endless.

7. Black shoes

Black shoes are a must in any wardrobe; it’s well known. You can choose high heels or shoes with small heels. The important thing is that you are comfortable in it, and that you can walk without the fear of being injured by the shoes. With a dress, jeans, skirt or trousers; the black shoes complement any outfit.

8. Black pants

This is another set of clothes that a woman shouldn’t do without. Black is a universal colour, and can blend with just any colour of blouse. It can be classic trousers, jeans or clean leggings, depending on your style. As long as it looks good on the outside, and you feel good inside.

9. A pencil skirt

Choose a stretch pencil skirt that is a little above the knee. Aside the classy look that it provides, this type of skirt knows how to put the curves in value and it is always good to have one at home.

10. A silk or satin blouse

A white coat is good, but a silk blouse is even better. It costs a little more, but it’s worth it! It fits well with a pant, a skirt or even a little more casual outfit.

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